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When We Speak of Death and Dying


Interactive 2 Day Courses

Explore, listen, learn and be encouraged.

This course will answer as well as raise questions. It will be practical as well as personal. 

This is a course for anyone alive. To prepare and be prepared for the time when you need to care for a fellow human being in their dying Days, for when your time is upon you, for those of  you who want to know more about the language we can use around those who are dying, or just because you have realised that there is more to life than LIFE only. Realised that death is part of the deal. That we lose loved ones, no matter what ther age – even before birth or just after, or in the very best part of their young lives. This course is for those who realise that life is never going to be ‘Fair’ .

You will walk away with a deeper understanding of yourself, knowledge and skills to truly step into the role of End-of-Life Care (Doula) , the tools to put what you learn into practice and a support network to fall back upon.

Now step into it…

It will cover:

  • Why is it so hard to die in 2018?
  • The courage to re-imagine death and dying
  • Conversations with the terminally ill
  • Making meaning of the dying process
  • Rituals at the end of life and beyond
  • Home vigils and authentic/ DIY funerals
  • Legalities and paperwork
  • Grief – the ‘How on earth do I get through?’

Presented by Lola Rus Hartland, End of Life Consultant, Death Doula, Counsellor, Educator

Upcoming Workshops:

Redhead, Newcastle

January 19/20, 9:00am - 4:00pm

Girl Guides Hall, 13 Steel Street, Redhead


Cost: $275 

(Or $295 with overnight accomodation)

Breakfast and dinner, as well as tea, coffee & snacks provided. Bring lunch.

Redhead, Newcastle

March 23/24 2019,
9:00am - 4:00pm

Girl Guides Hall, 13 Steel Street, Redhead


Cost: $275 

(Or $295 with overnight accomodation)

Breakfast and dinner, as well as tea, coffee & snacks provided. Bring lunch.

Wheeny Creek, Nsw

March 30/31 2019, 9:00am - 4:00pm

Hallo Wood, Wheeny Creek, Nsw


Cost: $295 

Hallo Wood is a secluded bush retreat at the Valley floor of Wheeny Creek.

30 min from Kurrajong and 45 minutes from Richmond station. (Pickup can be arranged)

Please bring own tent and bedroll.

Tea, coffee, snacks and lunch provided throughout weekend. (Gluten and dairy free available)

Please bring dinner to share.



For more information call 0408 412094 or email rushartland@yahoo.com

“My head has been spinning since leaving so many thoughts and wisdoms you have shared. Leah & I are so deeply touched by what you had to share and how you have shared with us! You are amazing! Thank you! Thank you and I trust you will have take such a peace away from this weekend knowing what you have done for us!” – Emma 
“Thanks so much for an amazing experience. So inspiring. We both loved it and feel so honoured to have met Leah and Emma and connect with them through their tears, memories and laughter. Thank you again for your sharing your time, your knowledge, experiences and generous spirit. ❤❤” 
– Vicki and Marijke

“I want to thank you for the incredible new experience I had over the weekend, it has been so relevant to where I’m at throughout my journey.

Meeting someone like you was inspirational, you’re a very strong woman with such a gentle presence.
I like the way life draws you towards like-minded people.
I have been sitting with all I have taken from the weekend and processing in my own mind. 
As well as sharing with close family what has come up for both Emma and myself. Lots of healing of old emotions has taken place in our lives throughout this weekend!
I will always hold this experience close to my heart.
Thank you for the useful information you have put together for me to research in my own time.” – Leah

‘Thanks again for the workshop … feeling very inspired! Your time and sharing was worth every penny.’ – Wendy Riordan


Holistic and unique, end-of-life support and care for people and their families.​

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